PlusThis, LeadPages, and passing contact ID from a Thank You page to Infusionsoft

Hey guys,

Was wondering if there are any technical geniuses out there who might be able to figure out this problem :slight_smile:

I’m using PlusThis Video Triggers to track how far through a video (embedded on my website) my subscribers have watched. This is working great providing the subscriber has clicked through to the video from an Infusionsoft campaign email that contains a link to the video.

Contact information is passed through to the page, and the subscriber is updated with the correct tags depending on how much of the video they have watched.

What I want to do though, is have this functionality on a Thank You Page video which is embedded on a Thank You Page immediately after the subscriber has opted in.

My landing page was created in LeadPages. I have looked at creating the opt in form itself within Infusionsoft (Legacy) so that I can just tick the “Pass contact’s information to the Thank You Page” box, however not only is the form not displaying properly but more importantly I can’t seem to pull UTM data through from my Adwords campaigns as custom fields which I have set up.

It’s much more important for me to keep this UTM data because then I can track which campaigns are giving me the best leads. This shows up like this in my contact info:

So I need to create the opt in form through the LeadPages builder/Infusionsoft integration which triggers a campaign to start on tag application rather than from a web form.

So what I need, is to maintain that UTM data being pulled through into custom Infusionsoft fields, while also passing the contact information through to the Thank You Page.

Does anyone have any ideas about how this could be achieved?

Thanks very much,