WordPress Opt-In Plugin - Compatible with WP Multisite?

Trying to get an answer from tech support, but they keep answering wrong.

I understand that you can only have the plugin installed on one site.
However, I have a multisite install and want to use the plugin on only one site of the multisite install.

I have mydomain.com/othersite1, mydomain.com/othersite2, etc.
I want to install the plugin on mydomain.com (not any of the other sites).

Anyone have any success getting this installed on a multisite install?


So with this set-up you are only installing 1 instance of the wordpress plug-in, correct?

I am only installing one instance, but it is being installed on a WP multisite install. The WP multisite install is a different database configuration from a normal single WP install.

Hey Jeff, We spoke with one of our team members who confirmed that the new Wordpress plug-in has not been tested in a multisite installation, as it was designed currently for a single wordpress site setup. The member that we spoke with said that he doubts it would function correctly, based on the configuration set for a multisite installation.

Ok - thanks. That’s the experience I’ve had, but wanted to make sure it was the plugin and not something within my configuration.

I would recommend putting that on the ‘help’ pages of Infusionsoft and even on the wordpress.org plugin page itself, just so people know.



Good call on this. I have updated our help guide page to include this in the initial *inform warning, and will be pinging our developer in charge of the plugin page to add this. Thanks for sharing your outcome in testing this.

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Hi I’m using the Infusionsoft official Wordpress plugin to opt-in leads in two different wordpress websites. I create an Opt-In Form (opinform1) in site1 and set an WordPress Opt-In goal (wpopin1) in campaign1 then I create a second Opt-In Form (opinform2) in site2 and set an WordPress Opt-In goal (wpopin2) in campaign2.
The problem is that when I create the second Opt-In Form (opinform2) in site2 the first WordPress Opt-In goal (wpopin1) in campaign1 is overriden and the campaign1 gets in error.

Is there a way to use Infusionsoft official Wordpress plugin in different websites?

Thank you

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I have the same problem. I have one main site, then several product specific sites. The Infusionsoft WordPress Plug-in works well, however, not on more than one site.

There is now a notice on the help page. Unfortunately, the design doesn’t make any sense.

This plug-in needs to be a high priority to fix. The plug-in works great. If they could just add a domain name to the table of forms then I don’t mind sorting through a longer list in campaigns.



hi James,
i’m having the same issues that i cannot link with 1 site in a multisite wordpress setup.
Please advise

James Wee

The plugin does not work with multi-site. Single installs only.

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I just hit this issue and now need to figure out a work-around. It does not make sense to me that there would be this restriction. Can we have a fix prioritized so that this is no longer an issue? Operating over multiple sites with the same campaign integration is a significant need. The opt-in plugin works well, however I am going to have to figure out an alternative method to have uniformity across my sites without a fix for this. Opportunity missed.

This is where LeadPages has outshined Infusionsoft in that they have multiple places and means in which to install an Opt-in plug in on your websites. I’m ridiculously disappointed here.