Wordpress Optin Goals problems

Hi there!
We are currently starting a campaign, but things don’t work the way they should.
Basically it comes down to this: we have several InfusionSoft optin-forms in our Wordpress site, but we cannot select all of them in our WordPress Optin Goal.
See the images for details.
I have talked to Support about this, but they said I needed to contact Wordpress for this. Which doesn’t make sense: it’s a IS plugin and it used to work. So Wordpress cannot really help me here.
Anyone else has seen this before?

I wonder if it’s related to caching in your Infusionsoft session.

Does it still happen after you’ve signed out of Infusionsoft and signed back in?

Yes. It is consistent over the last couple of days.
If I create a new Infusionsoft Opt-in form in my website backend, the one in my Word Press goal in Infusionsoft will be deleted (and thus my campaign doesn’t work anymore). Very, very weird, and annoying.

Did you ever find the solution for this?? I am having the very same problem and VERY frustrated.