WooCommerce is not communicating with Infusionsoft - Purchased C4WC plugin

I downloaded the C4WC Plugin as I have before. But this time, every time I try to run a transaction I get an error message saying that “You have added incorrect IS Merchant ID”. I know for a fact that my merchant ID is 7, as I have confirmed this in the Keap/Infusionsoft chat room.

Please advise on what can be done in order to fix this.

That is not an IS plugin. It may have the ability to connect with IS but you should go to the creator of the plugin for troubleshooting.

I have reached out. I’m just not sure where the communication error is occurring.

The api is working (which is what they use to communicate with IS) so it’s likely something to do with their most recent update or even a conflict somewhere with their plugin.

Okay @John_Borelli.

@John_Borelli I realize that I had too much information in the “Infusionsoft Name Application” I had the entire tz215.infusionsoft.com instead of just tz215. After correcting this, I’m getting a different error message. One that says “Unable to get Invoice ID from Infusionsoft”. Do you have any idea about what might be causing this?

I’m also getting invoice numbers…under what conditions is the invoice id message happening?

I think I was able to sort it out. I believe the last issue was actually a card error. Different billing address than shipping address.