Will an campaign sequence send, if you forgot to state that you have permission?


We sent a campaign sequence to a series of contacts but forgot to mark that we had permission to email them. After we realized that, we went back and marked that we had permission to email them. I know emails from sequences do not send if you do not have permission. I am assuming that if we mark that we have permission after the time that an email from a sequence was supposed to send it will not send. Is this correct?


If the time has passed, the emails will be sent.

I don’t know how many contacts it was, but if it was a small number, you can go into each contact, go to the Campaigns tab in the bottom half of the page, scroll to that email that didn’t send and ‘resend’.

If it was a large batch, you could create a temp sequence with just that email (copy your initial sequence and delete everything except for that one email), then add a temp tag as the Goal in front of it, and then add that temp tag to all of the people you want to resend to. That will resend that one email and leave the people inside the campaign to receive the rest of the email that are pending.


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Just wanted to confirm - if I have a timer to send a sequence email at 2:00 pm, but I do not state that I have permission till 3:00 pm, the contact will still receive the 2:00 pm email?