When someone interacts with Email #2, do they continue in the campaign the same as with Email #1?

I was wondering how data is handled if the user is using Email #2 - would they continue in a campaign that they were brought into where it is not Email #1 being used?

Thank you!

Hi Germaine, Email#2 will work the exactly the same as Email#1.

If the contact is already in a sequence they wont be added. Contacts can be in multiple sequences within the campaign just not the same sequence. Regardless of if it’s Email#1-3.

That makes total sense. I was getting confused with the second option you are showing. They then would continue in your Campaign B Sequence A regardless of which email, but only will receive emails to the email field I added to the campaign, whereas the Sequence A, B, C can be Email #1, #2, #3. Thank you.

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Right, for example if you have a Contact Record named Jill. Jill has 2 email addresses saved. She is tagged and added to both Campaign B Sequence A -

You could manually add Jill’s contact record into Campaign B Sequence B and/or Campaign B Sequence C but you wouldn’t be able to re-add her to Campaign B Sequence A since she is already in that sequence

The Contact record is what is being added. Not the email address. The email address only matters in the actual email you send.