Why is there no response to tech support line? (noone has been contactable for past 3 .5 hours)

Trying to set up PayPal and no-one from tech support is answering the phone???

FYI - Posting here about tech support issues is not going to help. This is a community to ask questions that could take some time for responses … nobody here can help with the fact that tech support isn’t avail.

Phone support isn’t available 24/7 but I have had them on the phone a day ago so at the times they’re open, they’ve been there. Have you also tried chat support (which is available much more often)?


I archived the duplicate post you made with the same question. Please only ask in one place because it messes with people doing searches for similar questions and especially since this isn’t the place to get an answer to Keaps tech support phone line.

Hi John

We are UK based
The phone recording for Tech Support states Arizona times, which we translated into UK times, and there was no-one available.
It was just the recorded message of times.

8am -2 on Saturdays, Arizona times, is 3pm onwards for UK time. We tried over a period of 3 hours.

Really unworkable.
Please can you advise?
If I have got some information wrong, I just need to know.

Thank you.

PS. I apologise for the duplicate message - I did not know how to post on the question board and the first one went by mistake with the wrong question at the top (it was already populated with something that I had no idea about and I put my question further down, instead of in the place for the question)
Thank you for being understanding for my first time interacting and asking for help.

Got it thank you.
Where should we ask?