Orders not appearing

Orders no longer showing for any customer. Tapping on orders just scrolls to bottom of screen and there is nothing there. Making sure this is everyone or most people and not just us.

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We are seeing the same. I have an employee waiting on chat right now to ask.

Same, we are also waiting. Literally cannot do anything at all regarding processing payments or creating new orders.

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It appears to be working again

Us too. It’s not just orders, nothing on the second row of tabs opens. Basically business is at a standstill. Trying to get connected with support but the chat window keeps saying something like: Canceling your chat request because no agents are available. UGH

I just kept trying and trying, didn’t even log out and log back in but now I can access everything on the second tab row and specifically the orders tab is now functioning how it should…at least for now for the 5 people that I have looked at in the last few minutes

Could be related to this:### Multiple pages in Pro, Max and Max Classic are inaccessible starting at 6:21 PM PST on September 21, 2023


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