Orders not forwarding to email account

I have several checkout pages that stopped forwarding order notifications to my email account months ago. Those order notifications are sent to a distributor who ships one of our products out manually. I just discovered it stopped working months ago and I didn’t know until a customer complained. I tried updating the order form with several other email addresses to test it out, and it never sent the order notification. (Did test purchase.) What should I do to resolve this? (Chat is closed all of today so I can’t use support chat.)

Hey Megan, the obvious question is, did they hit spam instead?

If not then you NEED to talk to support, they can actually see what happened with the emails on the backend of their system which a Partner like myself can’t do.

Support are open but hours are reduced at the moment, their details are here

Hope that helps


Hi Andy,

These are order form notifications that go to my own business inbox that has been working for years. I am now waiting for support chat to respond. Thank you.

No problem, wish i could have been of more help