What values can "payment_status" have?

A question about the response of the API crm/rest/v1/orders/{orderId}/payments
The response contains "payment_status": "string"
Can you list the possible values?

There is not a single list of the possible values, because it will be set to any Payment Type currently (or previously) available in addition to “Voided” or “Refunded”. The list will change over time as we add or remove payment processors.

What is the “any Payment Type currently (or previously)” available?
How do I know when a payment is successful if I do not know the success status?

It looks like (from looking through the Ecommerce team’s source code) that the values will be in the format of “PAYPAL - PAID”, “MANUAL - PAID”, “Voided” or “Refunded”. I’ll send a note to them asking for them to annotate the API endpoint with more constructive values, but I think that that’s all I can offer on the topic.