How can your orders be set to Paid?

Hi I want to re-create an order’s payment status like in the pic.
How can I do this? Not finding any command to manipulate payments/paymentPlan status.
Am I missing something here?

Now I’m developing integration with Keap and Shopify on iPaaS.
I can also use Python SDK.

The XmlRpc add manual payment endpoint will create the above scenario for you: xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal

The rest endpoint to create a payment will also do this, well almost… The different there is in Rest you must mark the order as paid by CREDIT_CARD, CASH, or CHECK. So rather than saying “MANUAL - PAID” as your screen shot has, it would display such as “CASH - PAID”. It also allows you to actually charge a credit card, but only if needed.!/E-Commerce/createPaymentOnOrderUsingPOST

Sorry I haven’t been able to reply. And thank you very much for your guidance.
I don’t have any experience in XML but will tackle it.