Status field options in Invoice table

I need to know what the possible values are for the Invoice status fields and what those values mean.

These are the fields given by the API:

PayStatus looks easy, boolean where 1 = paid in full
CreditStatus seems to set to 1 whenever the invoice has at least 1 payment on it that is of type “Credit”
PayPlanStatus I have no idea - it seems to be set to 1 on every invoice in my database
RefundStatus is also a bit confusting - it is null / 0 on almost every order, but it is 2 on other orders (I could assume these orders all have refunds applied) but I don’t see any Invoices with this field set to 1.

PayPlanStatus can be 0 or 1, as I have that in my account.

RefundStatus, from what I know is the following:

0 - No Refund
1 - Partial Refund
2 - Full Refund

Guess @MichaelFairchild can clear it up!

The PayPlanStatus is if the invoice has a payment plan on it. Infusionsoft generates a payment plan for most orders unless they are created onto the job table (unless they have changed this) directly. This isn’t recommended.

Apparently that field has three possible outcomes that it could be although one isn’t possible anymore
0 = Doesn’t have a payment plan
1 = Has a payment plan
2 = Payment plan was removed (This status shouldn’t be possible for any orders created within the past few years, obsolete 4 years ago at least)

You are correct with the Pay status it is 1 for paid in for and 0 for not paid in full.

CreditStatus I can’t see any documentation on it. I can run some tests to try to see if this interacts with the credits from a subscription purchase however these tests will take a couple of days to complete and I won’t be able to post back until next week.

For RefundStatus @Pav is correct with the status although there are two more possibilities:

0 = No Refund Issued
1 = Partially Refunded
2 = Completely Refunded
3 = Written Off
4 = Partially Written Off

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@JonSmith, thanks for the explaining the value.

Could we also get the Developers Documentation updated with this info. This question keeps popping up from time to time.


@JonSmith, for the PayPlanStatus should it not be: 0 - Doesn’t have, and 1 - Has a Payment Plan?

Yes you are correct. I have edited my post. Also these should be in the documentation either tomorrow or next week from what I have been told.