VODED orders in the /orders endpoint

I’m noticing that there is no way to identify if an order was VOIDED. Therefore its inflating revenue reporting.

Anyway we can add a field for this?! Any tips or tricks?

I don’t often work with our ecommerce service so I’m not sure, but I don’t think we have a status of “Voided” on Orders. Once an Order has a payment against it the only option should be to refund that payment (if necessary).

When viewing Orders through the API you should be able to determine which Orders are are in that state via the “refund_total” amount by comparing it to the “total” field.


We think there is no way because there is no API for order updation, so we can not void it

Thanks - what about thes ‘notes’ section? I’m noticing that doesn’t quite work and renders NULL for every order. We tent to add ‘notes’ in there that identify we voided the order.

One of our Advanced Support Reps actually was in contact with our team this morning about that, and from a quick dive into the code it looks like there’s probably a defect there in which the Notes aren’t getting included in the query. He’ll be ticketing it to our e-commerce team to take a look at.

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