What kind of data does infusionsoft keep?

Does anyone know what kind of data infusionsoft keeps? I am involved in a lawsuit, and what someone did or did not do in infusionsoft could be powerful for our case. However, the admin reports don’t really show anything. They show logins, but not if someone ran reports, how long someone was logged in, etc.

Does anyone know if infusionsoft has this data so that it can be subpoenaed?

The best people for this would be the internal data team - I would call into Support with a list of all the things you need. If the rep doesn’t know, have them forward your request to the Data team. I would imagine they handle those requests regularly.

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As Martin said, the data team is the best for a complete answer, but as a high level place to start that can give you an idea, the table schema might be useful. It definitely isn’t the only data IS stores but it’s a good start.