What do you think about the new BigCommerce App?

I have been a BigCommerce store owner and user since 2012 and I am one of its Biggest Fan’s.
Thus, I loaded up their new app on day 1. My experience has been mixed but this integration has massive potential for iSoft users that sell physical products. I’d like to know from the community what your experiences have been.


I’m really sorry no one had an opinion on this, or just hasn’t shared.I wanted to share what I received from our product team,regarding what they were thinking when looking for a possible solution:

“With BigCommerce we can provide customers with more robust online store capabilities. While we realize most of the major ecommerce carts would have solved our customers pain points we decided to partner with BigCommerce for a variety of reasons, including their position for being at the forefront of omni-channel selling, and offering small businesses a full-featured online store at the base price (their pricing model is focused on sales volume, not features). Amongst other benefits, customers will also have a hub for multi-channel selling (online store, physical store, online marketplace, and social media) where they can manage all of their inventory in one place.”

I hope this is helpful, and also hope this might prompt some discussion around your question.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions for us, I’d be happy to help.

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Hey Geary
Have you been running the new integration any feedback on it?
I’m looking at running up RevenueConduit so interested to know the benefits.

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Integration is very basic, does not do much. For example the integration is not able to tell if the customer singed up for a newsletter in the checkout process. Anyhow, I have gone with Revenue Conduit, much better integration. I like the fact that you can create coupon codes via API for individuals with an expiration date. RC is not perfect but the out of the box integration is just not doing even basics.