What are the "Summary" lines in the Email Broadcast Conversion Report?

Hey folks, in our Email Broadcast Conversion Report, there are lots of lines that don’t reference a specific Email Subject, but rather just have a unique Mail Batch ID number and the name “Summary” with a date. What are these?


@martinc? @John_Borelli? I’ve often wondered this also. None of mine match up to messages that were sent that day either - campaign, single, or broadcast.

In my app, I have a summary line item for every week day for one email being sent. I don’t send emails from my app, but I was able to track it down…it is an error notification email being sent daily to one of my old email addresses about a broken fulfillment report. I briefly spoke to a Support rep and he said it will include any type of notification email.

So I was able to account for everything in my app.