Email broadcast missing from report

I have a campaign called “New Linkedin lead” which sends out 7 emails. So far it has sent out 3 emails to 60+ recipients each time. When I run the report “Email Broadcasts” in marketing->Reports, I only see the two, on the 22nd and 30th. I don’t see the first email that went out as part of the campaign on the 19th.
But when I go into the campaign and put it in report mode, I can clearly see the email count against the first email indicating that it went out to 69 people. Why doesn’t that first broadcast appear in the report?
Any help most appreciated.

Hi Mark. So it sounds like you are attempting to pull a report on a campaign email utilizing the Email Broadcast Report. You will find this sometimes does not give you what you are looking for. This is due to the fact that this is primarily designed to report on broadcasts sent via the Email Broadcast tool. Some have found that if you search for broadcasts sent by ‘System’ in the report, that you sometimes can pull reports from emails sent via the campaign, tho this report isn’t designed for this, as the campaign builder doesn’t always send emails in a ‘batch’ format that this report pulls from.

We are continuing to expand our campaign reporting on emails over the next few weeks/months, with more in-depth reporting and the ability to pull the lists of contacts that populate these numbers though.