Email broadcast report through API

we would like to know if email broadcast results can be retrieved through API. we are sending several broadcasts and since the data changes dynamically, we cannot login to infusion each time to view the report. we need to be able to view the report in a dashboard which we develop and design … data through infusion API…Is this something possible please help us.

The api doesn’t directly but …

With the SDK and a saved search using the Broadcast Conversion Report under Marketing->Reports, you should be able to have basic information. I’m sure you want the standard data at least.

Then using the Data object of the XML-RPC, you can pull the saved search results at any time.

I can’t find the Email Broadcast Conversion Report. Marketing->Reports also does not exist. All I see is “Reports” where I can find things like, Sent email tracker, Email engagement tracker, Unsubscribe tracker, etc.

Is there a db table that I can query through the XML-RPC DataService tables that contains the broadcast or batch id?

Post an image of your menu if you can. It sounds like you don’t have the required module.

In addition to getting this “Email Broadcast Conversion Report”, how would I get the broadcast/batch’s other information such as the template id? Making an API call for an email doesn’t even include a template id.

The only way you could assemble a report like that using Keap is with the REST implementation for Emails!/Email/listEmailsUsingGET

This does not show any relation to a template id. The best option would probably (not a sure thing) is to extract the plain_content and decode that and use that to view the template.

But, what about the screenshots that you posted a month ago? I still do not see an “Email Broadcast conversion Report” What other kinds of reports am I missing out on?

You can use the rpc api to query the templates table but that won’t necessarily tell you which emails sent with them unless you can match the subject line or something like that.