The Categories in View Email Broadcast have been changed

Has anyone else noticed in View Email Broadcasts that the Email Name no longer shows the Email Name? Now it shows the Subject Line!! I’ve got a report here with THREE instances of the Subject Line but no Email title/name. Now every time I run my report I have to go back and open up each email to see what the subject line is in order to identify it. This is unbelievably time-consuming and frustrating beyond belief!!!

@martinc, I know there have been some updates to some reports lately…any light you can shed on this?

Yes, @John_Borelli . Here is the release note that links to the new screenshots. The problem that was being solved was to better organize your sent and scheduled emails by creating a filter and changing it from a card view to an easier to scan list view.

@Lisa_Graham, I’ll pass your feedback up to the product team and I’ll let you know what I hear.

It looks like list view is showing the same thing as the old card view showed. Are we talking about something different?

Card view

List View

I am sorry but for the life of me, I cannot understand how viewing the subject line 3 times in the same entry and no email title/name in that same entry is helpful. This just changed in August. I have been running a Broadcast view report every week for the last 5 years and all of the sudden the column options changed. And what used to be the title/name of email broadcast is now ANOTHER instance of the subject line! When I look at the Broadcast view list now all i see are 3 subjects and NO name with which to identify what email it was… thus no way to accurately report without having to open every email to see its subject line. My boss is not at all happy with this and frankly, neither am i.

Yes something completely different!

Please give me a moment to gather my information that I have been bombarding your support team with and I will send it to you.

I found the issue, @Lisa_Graham, no need to spend anymore time. I’m talking to Support right now

Ok thank you very much!