What are the implications and process to follow with changing application timezone?

I want to change an app time zone from AEST to PT so it will be crossing a dateline and going back in time. What is the implication to delay, field and date timers in active campaigns that contain contacts during the change? Is there a documented process to follow for this change that details the things to be aware of and how to make sure it goes smoothly?

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Hi Mark,

The timers will behave a couple different ways when you change your application timezone. The timers that are set to Between will call for a review and republish in the campaigns. The AT timers will automatically shift to the correct time, based on the original timezone and time setting.

Thanks James, so for someone that is in a sequence and they have say 2 hours before their current between timer ends and they get the next email. If I change the timezone back 18 hours and republish the campaign, what will happen? Will they still wait 2 hours or will they wait 20 hours?