VAT (Tax) not showing at checkout

Hi Everyone, I’m new to Infusionsoft and am setting up the ecommerce section. Could I ask any UK businesses out there how you deal with showing the VAT as a separate element. My company offers a B2B service and all my clients are VAT registered therefore I need to show either +VAT next to any prices, or to clearly show that the VAT amount at the checkout stage.
Currently Infusionsoft either of these options and only shows that VAT has been added once a customer has added in all their details including card details. Personally I think looks unprofessional, however IS disagrees and won’t help me resolve this.
I’d like to know how other B2B businesses have overcome this issue
Many thanks

Hi Jane,

I’m new here in Infusionsoft Community. I’m having the same issue as yours.

Did you managed to add the VAT to the checkout cart?

Hi Angela

No, I haven’t had any success with the VAT issue. The best I’ve been able to do is to make sure prices I publish show +VAT after them and then its not a shock when it’s added at the end of the checkout process by my payment provider which is paypal.

Unfortunately IS don’t seem to see this as a problem


Thanks for replying, Jane. Yeah too bad that IS don’t think this is a problem for us.