Sales tax for the uk

Hi Guys

Why even though I have set my sales tax it doesn’t show on the first page of the order form even though the country is set to the UK. Does the system add on checkout?
I know it is set correctly as it is added to a subscription when the order is created manually from the contacts page within infusionsoft.
if so can I get it to show on the first page of the order form as to me is really confusing for the customer’s point of view.

Not sure but I would imagine it applies it on checkout because someone could potentially add more so the overall tax would only then be calculated. As to showing it on the order page, I think the only realistic approach would be to include in the description something like “plus x.xx% sales tax” or something similar. It would be a much more difficult thing to add another line to show it.

Thanks John, I think I will do that by adding it in the description. Just deciding on which merchant account to start using. Whether the WePay or PayPal, in your experience is PayPal more popular?

Just a quick question. I also would like to use Direct debits. Could this be developed by coding or just not compatible at all in infusionsoft.

Thanks in advance