Remove: The total price includes VAT

We are selling online courses in Norway and there is no sales tax on online courses. The invoice generated in Keap contains this line at the bottom “The total price includes VAT”

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 2.47.57 AM

I can customize the “VAT” (meaning change the label to anything else but I can’t remove the entire line).
We can’t send out invoices with this line as the price is not including VAT.

I spend 40+ minutes with Keap chat support yesterday and tried to resolve this but without any luck. They would escalate but I have not heard anything.

Any idea how I remove this?

So you’re needing to just remove that line at the bottom? That’s a tough one. Max Classic gives you the opportunity to edit invoice templates but the simpler interface of the Keap flavors doesn’t provide that level of access. I’d almost think that using a third party to send invoices and not having keap send them might be the only option. Might want to look at invoicesync (Getting Started – InvoiceSync)

Thank you for commenting. We decided to move ahead and use Stripe to process invoices as we are already using them to send out the receipts.