VAT not appearing on my quotes or invoices


I manufacture and sell electric adjustable beds in the UK. We can zero-rate our products for VAT, for customers who have an eligible medical condition. Customers who buy one of our beds as a luxury item have to pay 20% VAT. (Most of customers don’t pay the VAT, so we don’t include it in our prices).

I’m trying to find a way to set this up in my product listings. I’ve tried setting up some products as Taxable, and others as not Taxable, but it doesn’t seem to change anything. When I create a quote, the price remains the same, whether or not the product is marked as Taxable.

Also, there’s a line of text on the quotes and invoices that says “The total price includes VAT”, which I can’t see how to get rid of. Obviously I don’t want that text there for my VAT exempt customers.

Ultimately what I want, is to be able to create quotes & invoices for our zero-rate customers, and quotes & invoices for our VAT-paying customers that have 20% VAT added onto our prices.


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Any news on this?

One thing that can stop the VAT showing is if there is no Country entered on the contact record. See if that works.

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