UTM tracking: AdWords, WordPress, Stealth Seminar, InfusionSoft

Hello all,

Looking for ideas from the community on how this problem may have been addressed by others, before we just jump in and start writing custom software.

Our setup looks like this: Google Ads drive traffic to Wordpress. From Wordpress we send leads to Stealth Seminar to register for a webinar. Stealth captures name and email address. Stealth integrates with InfusionSoft and passes Email and name to InfusionSoft.

We are looking for how to capture the UTM that is available to Wordpress and associate it with the Email and name captured by Stealth and send it to Infusion Soft.

In the end we are trying to track which ads lead to sales.

Does anyone with a similar setup (Ad Words, Wordpress, Stealth, Infusion Soft) have a solution for tracking Ads and UTM?

Many thanks for your help!

When you say you’re sending them to WordPress, are you sending them to a form in wordpress or are you just sending them to your website? If you were sending them to a form, you could have the UTM parameters fill into the form as hidden fields, and then work with a third-party integrator like Zapier or Integromat to feed that data over into Infusionsoft. After they go through the whole stealth piece, the integration should look at the email address to see if it already exists and merge with the record that is our inside infusionsoft. That would create a record with an email address in Infusionsoft with the UTM codes, and then after the stealth registration it would merge and put in their name, etc.

If that is not how you’re doing it, then you may want to consider putting a form on WordPress so that you can capture their information upfront, feed to Infusionsoft, and see if you can feed that over into stealth and pre-fill the stealth registration form with the data captured in the WordPress form.

Thank you, Jeff! I’ll pass this along to our tech guy… he may have questions for you. I really appreciate your reaching out to share this info!