UTM's Infusionsoft, and Clickfunnels

I’m trying to set up UTM’s for my facebook ads, youtube, etc and have the data collected in a collected in a clickfunnels page and added to a hidden field in infusionsoft. see below that’s what I’m told I need to do. Can anyone help? I’m looking for someone who can do this for me. The examples were provided by another user.

What you need to do is to capture the UTM’s in the landing page (when they give you their email) so that you don’t have to store any info on cookies, just having them in the URL does the job (with FB URL Parameters). 1) Create the hidden fields in IS (important: make sure it’s EXACTLY the same name / personalization tag as the ones you introduce in Facebook - utm_source, utm_campaign, etc. - when you create it sometimes it doesn’t put the lower underscore _ so you have to edit it (image 1). 2) Create a new “Form” in Infusionsoft- Value video optin and introduce the Hidden UTM fields in the form (image 2). 3) Embed the code of the “Form” on your landing page (here you replace the normal CF email form with your IF code - image 3).

Hello there. I have Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft. We get our UTM paramaters to pass from Clickfunnels to Infusionsoft via the 3rd party app Integromat. Im sure you can also do this via zapier.