Using Invision Power Board with InfusionSoft

Hey guys,

I’d like to setup a community discussion board forum for our guitar education company. But I would like it to integrate with InfusionSoft so that when someone registers for the forum they are added to InfusionSoft.

Any thoughts on discussion board forums that play well with InfusionSoft?


  • Steve

It looks like you can create PHP plugins for Invision Power Board, which means you can take advantage of the Infusionsoft PHP SDK to create a Contact record whenever a user is created.

Before you begin, you’ll want to take a look around the Infusionsoft Developer site and documentation.

First, you should review the acceptable use guidelines for integrations accessing the Infusionsoft API.
Next, set up a developer account to get credentials to use.
Then, follow the direction on the PHP SDK readme to get set up authenticating with the Infusionsoft system, and you should be set on our side.

With WP and one of a number of plugins, you can create the forum and you could use Memberium to manage the membership and Infusionsoft integration for those registered users.


Thanks for your advice. Would importing email addresses from folks who register on our discussion board with their email address into our email list with InfusionSoft be an API no-no?

To me, as a novice, it seems like this would be a common function.

  • Steve

If you have terms and conditions on your forum that specify the user is opting-in for emails when they create their account, or a checkbox that allows opt in/out and only adds their email to Infusionsoft if they agree, there is no absolutely no problem.

Otherwise, when they start receiving broadcasts they might be report your messaging as spam, which could trigger automated lockdowns on your Infusionsoft account if thresholds are reached.

Tom, Thanks. I’ll make sure there is a box when they register on the discussion board that clearly gives an opt in.

Regarding the process for adding this functionality, where do I go from here to get someone to do this for me?

  • Steve

Sorry for the delay: a qualified PHP developer could make the changes to your forum required. We do have some listings for developer partners in The Marketplace, should you wish to peruse them.