API Integration to add customer and manage preferences

I am new to Infusionsoft. We are collecting customer information through our website where we provide online registration and purchase options. We, then manually add the customer to our Infusionsoft system. We like to do the following

  1. Need to integrate the Infusionsoft API in our PHP Application so that when a customer signup for an account, he will be added automatically to the Infusionsoft.

  2. If the customer is already in the Infusionsoft he should be able to set his various preferences. This is achieved through a landing page as of now.

Appreciate advise from the experts in this platform.


If you are looking for a Developer Partner to work with you on this, we do have The Marketplace available for you to peruse!

Should you wish to start coding yourself, we have a variety of resources available for those that would like to develop on the Infusionsoft API, most of which are accessible through the Infusionsoft Developer site. We also have a supported PHP SDK.

If you’d like to get started, set up a developer account to get credentials to use. Then, use either an SDK or read the REST API or XML-RPC API documentation to get started developing.