Using HTTP Post

How can I send information using HTTP Post to a webform?

Hmmmm…can you tell us a little more around the circumstances for why you need this?

It IS possible, but there are some “gotchas” that often trip people up when they go this route.

Thank you Greg,

Yes, I am trying to pass registrant information information from a form fill integrated with one of my IFS apps. From there I’m trying to get that info to populate in a different IFS app. Since I’ve found that you can’t pass information directly between IFS apps, I’ve decided to build a separate form (like the first form that collects the info) and insert a HTTP Post at the end of the sending campaign that will populate this second form (receiving form). The receiving form will be integrated with the other IFS app. My issue now is getting the information i need to transfer from sending HTTP Post to fill out and submit the receiving form, then populating the other IFS app. For the sake of illustration, see below.

Landing Page Form → INF 1 → HTTP Post → Receiving Form → INF 2

Any help/advice appreciated!

I think that this can be done with pass parameters from Infusionsoft to Unbounce via URL parameters. So far this is a bit past me. Any ideas?

Is the thank you page from form 1 the second form? Is it being submitted and landing directly on the next form?


So, the easiest way to do this would be with a third party tool like Zapier. I’m a huge Zapier fan myself, but there are several others that probably offer similar functionality. Do you use a connector app like that?

The problem with sending an HTTP post to act as a remote submission is that if you send multiple posts in rapid succession, they CAN fail. Web Forms aren’t designed to handle that type of repeat traffic from the same IP address, so as a security measure they can block submissions if they happen to quickly AND from the same originating IP.

K, so, that being said, it’s possible. Check out the video on this blog post from @Brett_Farr - he walks through the process of submitting a web form using an HTTP post.

Thank you Greg!

I was able to get the http post to webform on 2nd app to work. We won’t have a rapid succession of submissions (at least I don’t think it will be rapid enough to break), however I’ll consider your advice and read through the article you posted! I appreciate the help!


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