Pass contact Details using IFS Webforms from Landing Page to Thank you Page

Hi and thank you for your contribution and support!

I’ve been back and forth with IFS support about 5 times now and it seems like I can’t accomplish what we need… Here’s what we’re trying to accomplish.

Landing page > Thank you page > Consult thank you page

  • User goes to landing page
  • submits contact information in IFS webform (Name, Phone, Email)
  • redirects to thank you page with another IFS webform (hidden email, visible Phone) – this is where the landing page webform contact info should’ve been passed on over and auto populate the TYpg webform similar to an automation link, but this is apparently not possible with IFS default features.
  • redirects to consult thank you page

We’re currently using Leadpages Drag & Drop Builder and self-hosting URL (using our company’s domain instead of leadpages).

Does anyone have a solution to this or can direct me to someone who can make this happen? Thanks.

Generally if the fields are not getting to the next page it would be because the field id values are not the same as the elements they are populating (even hidden elements)

I’ve checked at the field id values are the same. I even used the IFS hosted webform for landing page, did a test submission, the exit page URL actually has the UTM parameters this time, but the webform still does not autopopulate. So far, the only thing that works is from an automation link clicked inside an IFS email.

Actually, I found the issue for my last comment. I had to go into the integrated webform fields in the Leadpage Drag & Drop builder and manually add the URL parameters. The next step now is to fix the issue of Landing Page webform submission not passing URL parameters to thank you page URL.

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It looks like you’re getting closer, @Jin_Hua!


So… after speaking with Leadpage support and rep speaking with dev department, they acknowledged that currently, they do not support this feature – passing contact information from webform submission to thank you page… That is a surprise, especially since IFS supports this feature.

The suggestion to try is to host the raw html of webform… and when I spoke to our developer, he suggested that we should use wordpress instead. sigh

If anyone has another solution where we can still use leadpages, please let me know. Thanks.

That’s too bad, Jin. We use Leadpages too and I’ve always wanted to get this figured out. Did they give any indication that it would be considered in the future? Are you using the older pages or the newer drag and drop? I know there is more functionality with the older which we still use.

They said that it is considered for the future but had me make a feature request which I did here. If you and anyone else who wants this feature, please support and vote it up on that link.

I’m currently using the Drag & Drop builder since I need to customize our pages.


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You got my vote, @Jin_Hua !

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Done :slight_smile: Out of curiosity, after they submit the first LeadPage, is the redirect another LeadPage or an Infusionsoft hosted form or an Infusionsoft form hosted on your site?

Thanks! It is redirected to another leadpage (hosted on our site) with webform. According to our company’s developer, if the webform was submitted through IFS’ URL in webform, then the contact info should carry over to next page guaranteed. However, it seems that leadpage might be doing some other type of API submission which bypasses that… I don’t know all the technicals though.

Partial Success Update:

I got webform contact info to pass to TY page, but will need to implement CSS styling + leadpage conversion tracking.

By using the html code of the IFS webform through an HTML widget on leadpage, the submission will carry the contact info onto TY page URL.

This workaround will have to do for now.

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You can activate Lead Pages conversion tracking and CSS by configuring the form in a classic lead box, then copying and pasting the HTML from the Leadbox into the HTML widget on the Drag and Drop leadpage.

Leadbox will provide you with the correct code for each button and text link you’ve created in the lead box so the CSS styling is already included for you when you copy and paste.

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It looks like the classic leadbox does carry over contact info to thank you page URL. So it looks like the issue is actually the drag & drag builder and IFS integration doesn’t carry contact info over to next page.

Although there are some limitations with classic leadbox, it may be easier than getting a web guy to custom style the form… and plus, it wouldn’t be a button pop-up. Thanks for this tip!

That’s correct. It’s too bad but it’s always been that way with the Drag and Drop - I just don’t use them because of the integration limitations.

UPDATE: We found an even better way without the need to style buttons.

Using the Drag & Drop builder, use the button widget per usual. The difference now is that you link externally to the classic leadbox popup direct link! This way, you don’t have to worry about styling the button with code, and you get the webform to pass contact info to next page.

So create standard leadbox, create, publish > Popup > HTML > Find leadbox URL, Test & confirm.

Downside… can’t figure out how to get leadpages to track conversions :expressionless:

@Jin_Hua - You can see the conversions on the Leadboxes tab.

Leadbox only shows the conversion rate of leadbox view to lead. I need to the Visit-to-Lead conversion rate.

Currently, my landing page has a CTA button, and when clicked it opens up the leadbox.

Great work-around to use a Leadbox for the 1st landing page form so that the data is passed to the next page!!

@Jin_Hua Since the people visiting this page have completed the first web form and you are passing their email address the Webpage Automation Goal should product the results you need. The way I’d do it is to add 2 additional entry point goals to your existing campaign.

  1. Web page automation goal → sequence that tags the visit and serves as a counter
  2. Download tag or Webform submission goal → sequence that tags the conversion and serves as a counter.

While the counters will only report the last 30-days of activity, you can click-through to the reports and search by tag to determine the visits and downloads (conversions).

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