Formatting HTTP posts

I have added an HTTP post to a campaign. The campaign is quite simple in that it’s a form that we will use internally to create a new customer entry in IS and then to create that same new customer on a remote software trialing system using an HTTP Post.

My question is about the format of the HTTP post. The IS documentation is very thin on this topic and only shows a screenshot of the “Send HTTP Post” screen.

The HTTP Post to add a new user to our remote trialing system is in the following format:

Is the proper format in Infustionsoft then:


Name/Value Pairs
clientId = MyClietID
clientSecret = MyClientSecret
user = ~Contact.Email~

And is there any way to see the formatted output of the HTTP Post so that I can see if the syntax is correct? And is there any way to see the reply?

Gregg LaPore