Rest hook v.s. http post


I’m new to Infusionsoft and I have a question regarding the difference between using rest hooks and http post quests, when setting up integration with Infusionsoft.

The main use case for us is to allow our users to sign up customers through InfusionSoft’s CRM or e-commerce feature, and then automatically give those customers access to our app.

That means when their customers sign up through InfusionSoft, we need to get the customers’ info automatically and execute certain actions.

We looked through Infusionsoft docs and it seems like there are at least two ways to do this:

  1. Use http post request: Create a http post endpoint on our end, and tell our users to send post request to that endpoint as part of their infusionSoft workflow.

  2. Use rest hooks: subscribe to events happening to the tags related to customer sign ups. So when a customer is tagged or untagged, our system will know and act accordingly.

It seems to me that 2) is the better option, since it doesn’t add extra work to our users to implement.

However, I checked several existing apps that integrate with InfusionSoft for similar use cases. And they are all using 1).

So which option would you recommend?


It’s really dealer’s choice. Using http posts allows for you to define, and later modify, the conditions under which you make that http post call by organizing your workflow in campaign builder how you’d like. The webhook option allows for you to automate in the background, actions taken when a contact is either created or updated. But to change things with the webhook that would require modifying code again. So it’s really just a matter of which you want to have to modify when changes are needed. A campaign or code.