Upsell products and distributed sales pipeline

Dear Community,

Some time ago we introduced the Sales Pipeline for our sales staff. For the first part of the sales process the Sales Pipeline with the Stages is working well so far. We are currently having problems using the Sales Pipeline for our Upsell products.

After we have won the customer and he has purchased our main service, we have more Upsell products that we can offer to the customer. We have 4-5 Upsell products which we can offer to the customer optionally. The customer often chooses 2-3 of them. The customer can buy these products in a flexible order. Unfortunately, this process cannot be mapped so well in the sequential sales pipeline. It is not customary to introduce a separate stage for each combination of Upsell products.

How can the Sales Pipeline and Opportnuties be used to sell Upsell products?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Use a combination of the stage ‘Upsell’ (a single stage) and tags that represent each kind of upsell they could purchase. That way you can still respond in campaign builder how you’d like for fulfillment and followup while also giving you options for reporting.