Upsells - How to Auto Update the Price / How to Make One Upsell for Multiple Products


I have two questions regarding Upsells. As we use Upsells as a way at checkout to suggest our other products we have a huge number of them.

  1. If the Upsell is the original price of the product is there a way to set it so when we update the product price it also updates the upsell price automatically? Right now we have to go into each upsell and manually update it which leads to my second question:

  2. Why can’t we make one upsell and assign multiple products to it?

  • eg. We want people to be able to add a Book upsell to various different products, but not all products.

We have tried to make a Book upsell and put the in the criteria to show up when Product X is select or when Product Y is select but it doesn’t work. So we have had to make a Book Upsell for Product X and a Book upsell for Product Y. (2 upsells vs 1),

Because of this we have over a thousand upsells verses just having a few hundred (I have a spread sheet of all our upsells, these are not exaggerated numbers, and our product list is always growing). And because the price doesn’t auto update if we change the product pricing we have to manually go in and update all the upsells.

Please tell me there is a way to do both, or please make it possible. It would greatly help.

Thank you!!