Storefront Upsells - Limiting when specific products ARE in the cart

I understand that if I have an item in the cart I can show another item as an up sell. What I would like to do is then (easily, without having to add product totals or more) limit when that up sell is shown.

For example if product “A” is in the cart, show up sell “C”.

However, if product “A” is in the cart and so is product “B”, do NOT show up sell “C”.

Is this possible?

Hey Joanna!

You can set the criteria to the Upsell to be “IF Product A quantity is 1-100” and also have another for “IF Product B quantity is 0”

Example setup:

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While super clunky to set up given the number of promotions/upsells we offer this was very helpful! Thank you!

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