UPS Shipping Discounted Rates not working - however, they work when integrated in WooCommerce

We have integrated our UPS account with Infusionsoft and WooCommerce. Currently using WooCommerce since the discounted shipping rates with UPS work. When UPS is integrated with our Infusionsoft app, the discounted rates do not appear. I’ve worked with UPS on this and the last response from UPS is below which I am not an expert in handling this area to complete steps needed. We are looking for someone to help us out with “To receive Negotiated Rates some XML additions are required that are slightly different from a basic request.” …and more information below in UPS’s response.

Is there anyone who can lend us a hand?

Terri P Williams

Dear Terri,

I confirmed that your account is setup for negotiated rates. The rates returned to your shopping cart are determined by the information passed to it. The shopping cart provides information based on weight, dimensions, and UPS account number to UPS. Rates are returned based on that information.

I am afraid that you are going to have to contact your shopping cart integrator or web developer for assistance with this issue. I have enclosed some information below to assist.

Negotiated Rates are only returned for qualified Shipper Account Numbers and eligibility is determined using the combination of User ID and the Shipper’s Shipper Account Number in the XML request. If the User ID is qualified, both Published Rates and Negotiated Rates are returned. If the User ID or Shipper Account Number is not qualified for Negotiated Rates, only Published Rates are returned in the response.

The approved shipper number needs to be associated with the User ID used in the XML by adding it the My Payment Methods under Payment Options at This is accessed by clicking the drop down menu under your name after you login to the site.

To receive Negotiated Rates some XML additions are required that are slightly different from a basic request.

  1. The approved User ID associated with the Negotiated Rates must be used in the AccessRequest container along with the Access Key and Password.

  2. The approved shipper number must be included in the RatingServiceSelectionRequest/Shipment/Shipper/ShipperNumber container.

  3. The empty node must be included in the RatingServiceSelectionRequest/Shipment/RateInformation container. The RateInformation container may need to be added as well.

  4. The node is required in the RatingServiceSelectionRequest/Shipment/Shipper/Address container or RatingServiceSelectionRequest/Shipment/ShipFrom/Address container depending on the absence or presence of the ShipFrom container. If the container is present, the node is required there. In the absence of a container the node is required in the container. It is also required in the RatingServiceSelectionRequest/Shipment/ShipTo/Address container.

Please see the XML snippet below for examples of element placement. Note these are in addition to the already required tags for all Rates Tool requests:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX..XXX XXXX..XXXX <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> XXXXXX XX XX XX
  1. Negotiated rates are returned in the NegotiatedRates node of the XML response and only at the shipment level. Published rates are still returned in the normal locations.
  1. Lastly, please note that the Customer Integration Environment (CIE) only returns a 1% discount regardless of your actual negotiated rates. You will need to move to production to see your actual rates.

Please contact us if you need any additional assistance.

Nicole W.
UPS Technical Support

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