Updating Contact Record via HTTP Post or Campaign Sequence

I have a number of contacts that were brought in to our application and had the wrong field mapped for Billing City and Billing State. I’m trying to find the easiest way to write an API or use a campaign sequence to quickly update the contact records. The lead source where these leads are entered uses a template build form plugin that for some reason won’t allow me to directly place the Billing City or State into the form so I had to use custom fields and now just need a workaround. Can anyone help me?

If there in custom fields then you should be able to use the ‘set field’ widget in campaign builder.

I thought the same thing but for some reason, the “set field value” widget won’t allow you to set the contact address fields. i feel like they used to, but now it’s not allowing it.

Ah, I thought you’d said you were using custom fields but re-reading it, you were talking about leadsource.

There are third party tools that would do it. Zapier will and apiguys has a tool called ‘any text, anywhere, any time’ that would as well.

Beyond that, as an api dev, I can tell you that some api work could do it as well.

Beyond that I don’t think I’d have any other suggestions (sorry)