Is anyone having problems with "Set Field Value" in sequences?

Hi there. Is anyone having problems with “Set Field Value” items added to a sequence?
When the “Overwrite existing value” is not checked my sequences are not filling out the field with the indicated value even if the field is empty (which is what that box is for). It was working perfectly last week.
I’ve spent 2 hours on the chat talking to 2 different people and they’ve escalated the case.

That doesn’t sound good @Irene_Garcia!

What type of fields are you trying to set, text, date etc and are they custom or ‘standard’ fields?

Let me know and I’ll see if i can replicate the issue (more for a sanity check for you :slight_smile: )


Hi @Andy_Wroe .
The fields are custom text fields. I only need them to be updated the first time when they’re empty as they are the source of the record, that’s why I don’t want to overwrite the value every time they go through a sequence/campaign.

Well I just tested it and it is working, so couple of questions that are worth looking at

  1. Is it everyone who goes through the campaign - if so I’d delete the set value process, make it afresh and republish

  2. If it is intermittent I might still try the above, but I’d also look for duplicate contacts or any other common factor (if they all failed in a 10 minute window, maybe a server glitch)

  3. Do they actually work, but are just lagged? (always worth checking)

Thats off the top of my head, sorry couldn’t be of more help.


Hi Andy,
It is not just one campaign, it’s all of them (the “Set Field Value” actions) and all the contacts that go through them.
It doesn’t work, I just checked and new contacts coming in from the 27th still have that value empty.
Thanks again for trying. I guess I’ll just have to wait until support comes back to me.

Ok, have you at any time rebuilt the custom fields, ie are they pointing at the right one (thats a really left field shot but hey!)

Also do the items AFTER them in the campaign fire correctly?

Whatever support come back with, please can you let us know, really interested in what the issue is on this.


No, nothing has changed on my end, one day was working and the next day it wasn’t, without any change.
The rest of the sequence was running fine (before and after those fields)

Support hasn’t come back to me yet, but for some reason last evening it started working again.
My guessing is that it was something on their end that changed the behaviour of the “overwrite existing value” checkbox in the Set Field Value field, making it not write anything even if the field was empty.

I’ll let you know when/if they come back to me.

Thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:

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Glad it started working!

I just asked in the chat and they sent me an email after:

Great news! Our developers were able fix this issue already. We can assure you that the set field value will now work properly as this issue has stopped.

That’s all the info we’ll get, so it was an internal issue.

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I have this problem (April 2020) - doesn’t update empty field if the overwrite value is unchecked.