"Unrecognized property" updating contacts

With yesterday’s release, the API Team made an improvement to the REST API documentation for the Contact resource. The Contact resource body samples now accurately indicate which properties are available for each request and response.

Simultaneously, we unintentionally caused previously valid requests that carried certain ignored properties to fail. For example, if a request to create a Contact were to contain an id or email_opted_in it would be unintentionally rejected with a status code of 400.

The API Team is presently fixing the unintended behavior. We expect it to be released and resolved today.

The intended behavior is:

  • to have the API documentation for the Contact resource correctly reflect what properties are allowed for requests
  • to have that API documentation accurately reflect what properties are returned in responses
  • to continue to silently ignore properties in requests that were previously ignored and not reject the request as a whole
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