Update First name & Last name on the Contact

I was trying to update the first name and last name for a contact using the updatePropertiesOnContact

I tried the parameter as follows:

  1. “first_name”
  2. “FirstName” - as per Table Schema Documentation
    No luck I keep getting the error “Unrecognized property: first_name”

To test my connectivity and API call, I tried to update “middle_name” for a contact and it perfectly updated the middle name for that contact.

Would love to know is there a restriction to update a contact’s first name? or can you guys please let me know how to update using API?

Thanks and really appreciate all the help.


There’s no restrictions on the name fields at all. Which api are you using? (REST or XML-RPC)?

Thanks @John_Borelli Yes, I use REST API.

I used the API endpoint as mentioned here:

Thanks John.

Can you post the json body? It’s likely somehow become mal-formed.