Misleading documentation on REST API Contact creation

I just encountered an issue while trying to create a new Contact using Keap REST API
The issue is that for addresses there is a field (called, guess how? “Field”!) that should have either “BILLING” or “SHIPPING” value, although according to the docs this field is not only unnecessary (all Address fields are marked as “optional”), it donesn’t even exist. I just stumbled upon it somewehere in the forums while trying to understand why my API call is failing.

Hi @Jared_Goetz,
This is an issue that we have noticed and actually have done a work against very recently. There is updated documentation which now states the ‘Field’ property on the address. This doesn’t specifically address the required/optional issue but does at least list it. We do currently have future work to go update it to show as required when providing the addresses. We are sorry for the confusion this may have caused and appreciate you bringing up the concern as we do want to make the api as user friendly as possible.