Unbounce integration

I have an issue with integration Unbounce sends data to Infusion but the latter picks mostly everything but owner id.

I’m afraid we do not create support tickets on behalf of our customers, as this would be outside the scope of general support we offer. While I am happy to help send Infusionsoft the exact data we are sending them that they are indicating that they are receiving, I would need an existing ticket open to send this to them. The link they provided is to troubleshoot the API, which is currently functional. (If the API was not functional, the other fields would not be passed through.) From the Unbounce side, we can see that we are successfully sending the data: 2018-05-28_1114 which they are currently sending a message back to say they have received it in their server: 2018-05-28_1115. This suggests that the server is receiving the data, however it is not being placed properly.

In the past, we have seen some of our customers run into issues with receiving the text string values in fields that are not set up to receive text. I have only spoken with one customer who had this come through successfully, however the text within Infusionsoft needed to be indicated exactly the same in order for this to work. For example, he was sending the text string value of ‘Yes please’, to a radio button field in Infusionsoft that had options Yes or No. When changing the value in Unbounce to ‘Yes’, he was able to have it come through. If you’re still not receiving it and the fields indicate the exact same value, I would suggest temporarily changing the field in Infusionsoft to text for testing purposes, to at least rule out that the format of the field is not causing the issue.

Per Table Schema Documentation - Keap Developer Portal for Contact, OwnerID should be an Int, not a String. I would try that first, and see if is then able to map the field correctly.

Thanks Tom.

Which other way i have to bring over contact id? the only available option seems to be the contact ID number matched against results in NAME.

What is Int?

Thanks, and sorry im not very used to acronisms.


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The value being supplied in the indicated screenshot in red is <String>, and it should be <Int>.

We are unfortunately unable to provide support for Unbounce, but passing this thread along to their support staff may be helpful.