How do I ping Referral Opt-In through Apit?

I am using unbounce as my landing page, integrated with Infustionsoft. I am looking to create, what I think is an “action” where when a new contact enters Infusionsoft, my referral partner is pinged a notification that a new “opt-in” has been registered.

I think it has something to do with an “Action” where I tell my campaign to log the new user so that my referral partner know their traffic is being utilized.

Help please?

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Through the API a referral partner needs to be specifically set. This can be done through the data service (xml-rpc - Keap Developer Portal) to add a record to the Referral Table (Table Schema Documentation - Keap Developer Portal). Once the referral partner is added then a campaign can be triggered to send an email to the referral partner that a new lead has been added. To allow the API to know the referral partner id that is needed to make the link follow the steps in this article:

If an Infusionsoft web form or landing page is used then this would all be done automatically without the extra steps.

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I followed your instructions. I now see the affiliates in “Referral Partner” section of contact. However, in the “Referral Partner Center” I see the hits going up but not the opt-ins, this is done with the API. When I create or update the contact “opt_in_reason” is set to a string which makes the contact’s status “Unconfirmed”. A contact’s status of “Unconfirmed” is an opt-in status. So why isn’t that showing up in the “Referral Partner Center” opt-ins?

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to get this to work. Thanks!

I’m pretty sure that a referral optin is not the same as an email opt in. One is for a general email and the other is for login of a contact as a referral partner.

The number of opt-ins is the amount of times someone opts in in using a link. Since the link that was used isn’t being recorded (and currently can’t be through the API) this number is going to remain 0 if using the API.

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Thanks! Good to know.