Unable to verify your DKIM record entry. Try again in 24-48hrs

Hi I’m trying to verify my DKIM record and according to my provider it is set up correctly and should be verifiable but I keep getting this message when trying to verify.

Unable to verify your DKIM record entry. Try again in 24-48hrs.

It takes 24-48 hours for the information to propagate throughout the internet. So, if you just did the changes, it may take that long before the verification can work.

If you’ve waited that long, then double check your entry, as something isn’t reflecting correctly.


Hi Jeff thanks I’ve waited well over a week and re-verified a few times and also contacted my provider that set it up for me, they say its is reflecting and sent me a link to the DNS record where it shows it’s resolved everywhere except Denmark… I’m not really sure what I should be looking at though.

Meanwhile, I am currently working on my storybrand…what do you do as a certified guide?

Not quite sure why it wouldn’t be resolving, then,

As for StoryBrand, I work with client to help them really hone in on their messaging. Most of my clients are a combo of doing the StoryBrand BrandScript, as well as getting their websites redone to convey the new message. Of course, if they are also Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) clients, we work on getting all the indoctrination campaigns and other messaging on-point.


I just redid it all myself and it’s finally verified! Phew. And it verified within minutes of me creating the record. So I guess something was a little wonky somewhere.
Thanks for answering my questions though :slight_smile: