Getting a DKIM could not be verified message, but don't know what to do to verify it?!

Any steps on where I can find out what I need to do to get this verified would be great, thanks!

Under marketing → settings click email authentication and follow the instructions to the right:

Thanks for replying

However, I have retried the validation several times now over the last few days and it keeps coming back with verification failed

This would be on your domain server. The record must be set/defined on your DNS correctly. We’ve set these up for a good number of clients without issue by just using the information in the dialog that Infusionsoft gives you to start the process with.

If you can tell me your app name, I can take a look and see what might be going wrong.

@David_Carriger we are having a similar issue. One of our domains continues to ‘fail’ validation. Yet when I navigate to marketing -> settings click email authentication it appears as validated.

I’d need to know the app name and domain name to investigate.