Can't verify our domain for DKIM

Can’t verify domain for DKIM.

Trying for weeks to verify our domain for DKIM. Our setting are good in our DNS server. Proof of this is that MX Toolbox successfully returns the code given us by KEAP

In other words if I run a CNAME query for
I’m shown the code

We’ve tried this several times over two weeks, and have had very nice chats and calls with Keap tech support, but to no avail.

Our DNS is hosted by Microsoft 365 and the domain is registered with Godaddy.

Just to be certain, because this is the most common mistake folks make with this, the long alpha-numeric value is placed in the NAME field and the value ‘’, not the other way around


Thanks for the reply!
It looks OK, no?
Any other ideas or paths to take are very welcome! Have you seen this issue previously?

John was right, and we mis-read his note. ( I would say , however that “name” suggests “dkim -” etc. )

If your still confused, let me say: the Name field should hold the Hex string ending with _domainkey, and the Value field should hold “”.

A note to Keap programmers: folks, even though I now know this and we have solved this issue, your use of these fields still seems counter intuitive to everyone here involved in this.