Setting up DKIM - successfully?

Has anyone been able to successfully set-up the DKIM record using AWS DNS?

I am finding conflicting information between what is shown in the Help Centre Video (m 18:18)

and what shows in the email authentication window.
For example the email authentication for my account it reads that I should create the CNAME “host” as (from step 1):

yet the video show it should be entered as:

** I have changed the values for security and not provided my domain name.

On step 2.

The video also shows that the DNS should resolve to: , however the instructions that it should resolve to “

Which one is correct?

Thank you.

I was about to remove the dkim from the message until I read further lol

The part that says is created by your server to make it specific to your domain name in question. This is necessary to differentiate between other possible domain name assignments on the same server and is automatically done by your server.

I’m not sure about the with and without dkim. before but I ‘think’ it’s different based on the DNS service. If IS staff could check on that I’m sure that’s something we’d all find useful to have verified. Our instructions in our app said to use

Thank you, John.
The reason that I asked the question is that the video supplied by IS ( has the user entering the part in the “host” name vs. automatically entered by the DNS server.
Video has some subtle differences than the written instructions…

I can certainly understand that confusion and I wish I could say I haven’t seen that before but it does seem to happen sometimes. I’ve always just entered the selector (without the domain part) and the server has always tacked that on for me. I’ve seen this behavior on a wide variety of dns providers and it seems to be consistent. The way to tell, of course, is try creating it without the domain part and once saved, go back and look at what the server does with it.

Thank you for your feedback. Got it to work. B

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