DKIM cloudflare


Recently we migrated the DNS from GoDaddy to Cloudflare.

The Infusionsoft CNAME (for the DKIM) which was already verified when in GoDaddy was removed from it, and added in cloudflare. However, it has taken more than a week for the re-verification.

Whenever I attempted to re-verify the DKIM in Infusionsoft, I’m getting a message to try after 24 to 48 hours.

Am I missing something here? Please help.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Dinesh - You need to click the cloud icon on the right hand side of the DNS record and change it from proxy to DNS only if I recall correctly.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply. I have changed proxy to DNS now.

I’ll wait for a few more hours and re-verify. Hope it will getting verified.


Hi Andy,

The DKIM is verified now.

Thanks for the help!


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