Typing Text Error

When I am trying to type an email, the text continues to jump to begining of the text box. This is incredibly frustrating when I am mid-sentence, or after a few paragraphs and my text is all over the place. There has to be a fix! I am wasting a lot of time fixing what shouldn’t even be an issue. The system should allow me to continusly type without the text jumping all over. PLEASE HELP!

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I haven’t seen this before. Can you share a little more info?
Where are you creating the email (In a contact record, email broadcast, campaign email ect)
also, what browser do you use. I can try to run some tests to see if I can encounter what you are experiencing.

It is in an email broadcast, currently. But it happens in any email i can trying to create (even in the campaign builder.).

I am using Chrome. (and it is up-to-date)

I am going to begin some testing. I wanted to see if you could try something also. Can you open an ‘Incognito Window’ in chrome and log in and attempt to create some test emails on your computer? An incognito window will allow us to test with extensions disabled, and a fresh slate for cache and cookie.

I haven’t created an email in my application in a few days so I am running through the builders and writing some copy out, as we speak, to see if I run into anything strange.

doesnt seem to do it in the congito window. for now. sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesnt so i dont know for sure if that was a fix. but it has started happening more often than not.

My initial thoughts would be to look at any browser extensions running, possibly cache and cookies needing to be cleared (though this would be one of the stranger caching issues I would have ever ran into.) or an issue with the ‘Home’ key on your keyboard, as the behavior seems to be that of what the ‘Home’ key on a keyboard would do.

Browser extensions are usually the go-to culprit, for strangeness of this type though…


have you dis-abled all browser plugins to check that they are not causing any interference?

I’ve been experiencing this on my new laptop and I think the touch screen is the culprit for many new little quirks I’m experiencing with IS and other apps. I’m also finding that the thumb pad is super sensitive and even having my hand near it, makes my cursor “jump”.

I’m not sure if that’s the same issue you’re experiencing, but I do commiserate with your frustration!

I’ve had developers look into this before and we were able to reproduce it on Windows 10 in Google Chrome when using the Grammarly browser plug-in. Other plug-ins could potentially cause the issue as well. Since it’s an issue with how a 3rd party browser plug-in interacts with our site, it’s not something we can fix. I’d recommend either disabling the plug-in for our site, or use an incognito window.

I love Grammarly, but wish the extension played well in browsers :frowning: The premium version is awesome, but the Chrome extention is quite iffy these days.

It is strange issue, i never heard this before. I have no idea about this bug but i can give you one alternate. Just type he message in notepad and the press windows keyboard shortcut “ctrl+A” and then “ctrl+C”, now open you mail and paste it.