Trying to get customer invoice balances to populate on payment reminder email

Hi, I’m trying to set up a campaign to be used to send payment reminders/past due payment notices to customers of ours who make purchases using our payment plans. I didn’t see any available merge fields for invoice/order information, & I’m not sure if it’s possible to tweak a custom field to our purposes… ij
I’m not a tech person, & have just recently started working on the campaign side of Infusionsoft. Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem & found a solution?

Hi Amy,

You’re correct - most of the order merge fields are not available for customizing campaign emails.

Most people I see setting up automation for this will use a membership area - that way their automated emails can just encourage the customer to log into the membership portal and handle their invoice/billing/account in there.

Do you have a membership area you could use for this?

Yes, we do have a membership site, but don’t have our client-base built up enough just yet to set up a “My Account” area. We offer payment plans for some of our services & wanted to be able to send automatic payment reminders via email to people who chose that option. But without being able to access order/balance owed information from their contact records, we’re stuck on how to proceed. We use Zapier & thought we might be able to work something out that way, but haven’t been able to come up with a solution there either. We’re open to any other suggestions you might have.
Thanks for the response! Hope you’re having a great day!

Hi Amy,

if you have Zapier, you could probably figure out a way to trigger a zap when an order is created, then add a filter so that it only proceeds if there is a payment plan selected, then (depending on the payment plan) do some math on the order total to place the remaining balance (or next payment amount) into a custom field, and then trigger a reminder/countdown campaign.

In that campaign you could use the custom field to merge in their next payment amount, and let them know when it’ll be charged, etc.

Does that make sense?

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Hi Greg!

Yes, that does make sense! I knew there was probably some way we could make it work with Zapier, so we’ll definitely give this a try!

Thanks again for your help!

Amy Logan

I Am Sound LLC

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